Talk to me, baby.

Talk to me, baby.
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Why do I love hopping on a call to talk about your content?

Because I want to know where things are with you, where you've been and where you wanna go. It's how I begin crafting our approach.

But before Paul or I whip out a single word of copy, we want to know about our prospect(s):
1. Who they are
2. ...what they're offering
3. ...who they're offering it to
4. ...and why those people should even care

To be clear, we can whip out some copy for you without knowing any of the above– and it would be good copy.

But it wouldn't be GREAT copy.

As all-in copywriters, we learn what makes 'em tick. Once we know what we need to know about them (and you), we can replace your current un-/under-performing content with words that'll take our prospect where they want to go.

...and that's when the real winning begins...

Because then we start looking at things like:

  • Your laser-focused positioning
  • Sales playbook(s)
  • Onboarding strategies
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Customer support strategy
  • Email list-building strategies
  • Lead magnets

...and all the other things you know have to be done.  

Paul and I can help. But not unless...

👇👇👇👇👇 talk to me baby.

It works if you work it.