What is SaaS Marketing?

What is SaaS Marketing?
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Selling to businesses is different than selling to consumers

The rules for successful SaaS marketing are different.

Your marketing mix should not be about attracting target customers, nurturing leads, and closing deals.

There's more to it than that.

Your messaging must be clear, concise, and compelling. It should be focused on the benefits that your target customers will experience by using your software.

Your website should be designed to be a lead-generation machine, with forms, calls-to-action, and offers that appeal to your target market.

Your content marketing strategy begins with clear, concise voice of customer (VOC) data.

SEO-optimized blog posts, eBooks, and infographics?

Sure. But you need more.

Voice of Customer (VOC) data drives content that communicates directly with your customers.

Without it. You're dead.

Your SaaS marketing stack establishes relationships and builds trust and loyalty —all while educating your target market so they can make the best choices for themselves.

Because.....it's not about you.

You want to try lead-nurturing campaigns designed to move prospects through your sales funnel with automated emails, targeted offers, and helpful content?

Go ahead, but it's weak.

Your sales team should be trained on how to sell to businesses AND consumers, with a focus on understanding the buyer’s journey and the specific needs of each target market:

  • Their pains,
  • strengths
  • weaknesses,
  • and struggling moments.

Your success in SaaS marketing requires a team effort, with every member playing an important role in executing your strategy and achieving your goals.

When done right, your SaaS marketing efforts will result in a healthy pipeline of qualified leads that your sales team can close, leading to increased revenue and growth for your business.

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