Don't be THAT Marketer

Don't be THAT Marketer
Photo by Joshua Hoehne / Unsplash

The email intrigued me.

"Try our free content marketing matrix at CopyDocs"


You know my name! That's powerful.

Of course, I'm going to check out your offer!

Good marketing is a journey, right?

I read the email and clicked through every link on the page (SO many links!), but there were no free resources.


In fact, there are ZERO free resources to be found anywhere on your website.

Now I feel foolish. Like you played a joke on me. Played me for a fool.

So now I feel like a sucker.

"Free" is either free, or it's not.

Sure, you can have my contact information in exchange for your lead magnet. Absolutely!

By now we all understand that transaction.

But if your headline says "Try our Free...[insert lead magnet here]..."

And I can't try it...or find anything at all for free...anywhere on your website...

You're not marketing.

You're showing me in no uncertain terms why I should avoid doing any business with you at all.

That's the opposite of marketing.

Your marketing is nothing without trust.

Lead magnets should never be deceiving, disingenuous, or flat-out lies.

And if you're going to link to an offer, for goodness sake. Make it clear.

Multiple links leading to variations of your paid offerings are frustrating/

And I can't believe they're very effective.