How We Finally Got our SaaS in Gear (and why you should too)

How We Finally Got our SaaS in Gear (and why you should too)
Photo by Alex Jones / Unsplash

CopyDocs is a two-person SaaS marketing agency and this is an experiment.  

Patrick and I are starting from scratch.

The CopyDocs team has been busy marketing and promoting scrappy little startups from all over the world (which still blows my mind).

But, we've been so busy that we haven't done a stitch of marketing or promoting ourselves.

But that changes today.

How long will it take to rank on page one for the term "SaaS Marketing" or terms related to SaaS Marketing?

We say 90 days.

Keep in mind, CopyDocs is a brand-new website.

We haven't produced any content for ourselves and have zero traffic, so we're no different from a brand-new SaaS startup going to market.

We're creating our SaaS Marketing Strategy right before your eyes.

And if we're genuinely worth our salt—I mean really good at what we do, then we should be able to rank fast, right?

We should be able to increase our organic rankings from absolutely Zero to Page One of Google–and we should be able to do it quickly.

I mean...we're a Marketing Agency, after all, right?

This should be simple.

Of course, simple isn't always easy, and with all the SaaS marketing agencies competing for attention on page one, we're really going to have to do something special.

Our Super Secret SaaS Marketing Strategy

What's so secret about CopyDocs' SaaS marketing strategy?

Well, for starters, you don't know about it yet.

But if you stay tuned you will because this secret is just too hard to keep.

And if you REALLY want an insider's look, hit me up, and I'll explain the whole thing.

Why would I give away our wildly successful SaaS marketing strategy for free?

Because marketing only works when you get off your SaaS and Do It.

And that's where most people fail.

We're just getting started.

Oh, and by the way, have you checked out Mastodon yet?

What are your thoughts?