Free Lesson in Market Positioning for Construction Tech

Free Lesson in Market Positioning for Construction Tech

Want a free lesson in Market Positioning?

Look at Procore Technologies

If Market Positioning is who you are in the minds of others,

Procore is positioning itself as the one platform for all things construction.

I say "is" in the active, present tense because Positioning for Procore is an ongoing effort.

Why do I say that?

Because whenever I research a problem in the construction industry, Procore has a presence.

They're doing something about it.

Making a difference.

Providing a solution.

And I'm not talking about "streamlining" this and "optimizing" that, either.

Not all of Procore's solutions are tech-related. But they definitely use technology to:

A) Deliver the Message, and

B) Deliver on the Promise of their message.

What is market position in construction tech?

Market position is who you are in the minds of others. What's your promise? What do people think of when they think of you?

I see Procore as a solution provider and problem solver for the industry.  That's what I think of when I think of Procore.

That's Demand Side marketing.

What is Demand Side Marketing?

Demand Side Marketing asks, "What are my people struggling with, and how can I help?"

For Procore, Demand Side Marketing means solving real problems for their industry.

Need a job?
Procore has a job board.

Need to hire a contractor?
Procore has some for you.

Need to upskill yourself or your workforce?
Procore's learning portal has you covered.

Struggling with tech?
They'll teach you.

Procore doesn't do everything.

Not yet.

But for Procore, positioning is not what they say they do.

Or who they say they are...

Positioning, at least for Procore, is what they continue to do.

And what Procore continues to do is solve real problems for the construction industry.